My CPF - Cellular Phone Facts

I have a mobile account at Telmore for about 3 and ½ years now and today I logged on to get some facts. Here they come: For the last 3,5 years I spent in total 2,102 DKK or 282,42 €.

On talking goes 1,668 DKK (appx. 224.11 €)
SMS 142,75 DKK (19,18 €)
SMS overseas 8,10 DKK (1,09 €)
Dial tax 193,25 DKK (25,96 €)
Dialing attempts 38,75 DKK (5,21 €)
Charges 50,0 DKK (6,75 €)
Services 1,0 DKK (0,13 €)

Wow, I guess I differ A LOT from the most mobile phone users… One might call me cheap, but the main reason is that I don’t really like mobile phones nor using them. I have one (Siemens C45. Old, I know!) because I travel a lot and I need to get in contact with my family, friends and people at work. It is the main reason why I have them.

But that I spent “only” 2,102 DKK is still surprising. I thought I talked more…