My Coniston

After taking a certain break from purchasing new watches, I've got a white Marloe Coniston this week. Such a beautiful piece! Its makers are using a motto for the watch, and it's "Courage is not being fearless", which is even engraved on its back. They promised to produce only 1,000 pieces, and I chose number 405, which is also engraved.

Speaking of Coniston's back, the gorgeous movement Miyota 8N33 comes to its full glory, and it is a delight to look at, at least when you take your watch off. It is a manual mechanical movement with 40+ power reserve. Most of my watches are automatic, so I wanted to have one I can manually wind when I want and need to. It is a great experience winding this watch. It is very smooth operation, and I noticed that its ticking is absolutely noiseless. I would actually like to be able to hearing a low ticking, but it's fine, nevertheless.

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I also enjoy its simplistic, classic and clean design. Polished applied indices and stainless steel hands real match the case, while the gaze ends at its white 3D dial, which Marloe Watch Company calls plateau. Everything comes perfectly together, and form a unified harmony.

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What I like about Coniston is its versatility. It can be used both in casual and formal situations. I believe it will find a permanent place in my small watch collection.

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