Mr. & Mrs. Smith

What the disappointment! I was actually looking forward to watch this movie, because I do have respect for both leading actors, Pitt and Jolie, but this movie is almost lacking everything – the story, the commitment… Especially the manuscript is extremely weak.

At many points during this movie I could not believe the script could be so poorly written. There are so many irritating situations in this movie. An example? When the couple is in a serious fight for their lives against the enemy, Angelina manages accidentally to stab Pitt with the knife into his leg. Trust me, it is much worse than my description!

I really gave the movie many chances to prove itself, but there are simply so many amateurish scenes that I cannot believe two major Hollywood names put their names into “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

There are some spectacular action scenes with great special effects, but on the other hand there are also some totally boring and/or misplaced scenes.

Saidly, I must put this movie into my “hall of movie shames” also known as worst movies rated by Avdibeg, together with the sad films like “Pearl Harbor” and “The 51st State”.

1 star out of 5.