It seems like the Balkans and Europe is going to be a one new nation richer. Montenegro has just held a historic referendum for independence, and 55.5% voted in favor of breaking the union with Serbia.

I am glad it happened, because both nations will be better off like independent nations. Montenegro will have a chance to prosper in a faster way by ruling itself. I just hope that all ex-Yugoslav countries will finally see that it is best for everyone to be good neighbors and friends than bad brothers. I also hope that Serbia and its people will realize that they cannot get territories from other countries, and that they accept that “the Serbian land” is the one that is current Serbia.

Kosovo will most likely also leave Serbia-Montenegro by the end of the year, either completely or divided. I am not sure what is the best solution for Kosovo, but I know that it is best for everyone to be good neighbors, without hostilities against each other. The independence of Kosovo should finally close the last chapter of ‘sad book’ called Yugoslavia.