Me and my municipality

I live in the Vejle municipality (vai’le) and a city of the same name. The municipality will by January 1, 2007 “swallow” neighboring (and much smaller) municipalities of Jelling, Egtved, Børkop and Give. The total population of the new Vejle municipality will be 103,027.

Here are some other facts on the new municipality that I found in a local newspaper (Vejle Amts Folkeblad):

  • The average citizen in New Vejle is 38.5 years old. I am 30 years young.
  • The average income is 233,980 DKK (31,389 euro = 41,050 USD).
  • 68% believe that everything changes too fast today. I believe TIME goes too fast.
  • 64% of citizens drives their car on a daily basis. Me too.
  • 52% eat beef at least once a week. Yessir.
  • 59% never go to a tanning bed. I never did, nor I ever will.
  • 67% play regularly lottery. I played 3–4 times in my life.
  • 76% visit church less than once a month. I never did, officially.
  • There is a 105,569 hectare land in the new municipality.
  • 60% of people live in five largest towns. 20% live in villages. I live in the largest city.
  • People loan 826,530 books a year in libraries in the New Vejle municipality. I loan appx. 30–40 books a year.
  • There are 112 football (soccer) fields.
  • 12,191 children attend 35 primary schools.
  • 68% of the population use eyeglasses. I don’t, yet.