Match Point

I will only write this: One of the best movies!

I was so surprised to see reborn and new-found Woody Allen. Since he is not acting in the movie, it is almost impossible to see that this is an Allen film. I know many do not like Woody’s way of film making, I do, but Match Point is maybe his best work ever. The story is so intelligent, the actors fantastic, and the location (London) is refreshing.

Scarlett Johansson is great, her counter-part Johnathan Rhys Myers equally good (he reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix) and so are the rest of the actors. I can’t simply say one bad thing about this movie, so I agree on this one with Amra.

I will not write anything about this movie, except that the film is filled with Dostoevsky references. So, if you are a real film-lover, do yourself a favor and watch this movie!