London Bombings

I was really, really sad when I heard that “more than 50 people were killed in yesterday’s London bombings“. Once again, we were reminded of such a turbulent world we live in. I send my sympathy and condolences to all victims and their families in London.

On a forum, I commented about this terrible terrorist act and more:

Yes, I agree, the terrorism IS terrible, but all kinds of wars ARE TERRIBLE – equally or not, they are taking lives, mostly innocent lives. One of the problems is that we focus mainly on our lives and not innocent lives around the world.

I STRONGLY condemn this terrorist act, but we, in the West, must ask ourselves what the hell are our governments doing in the world, predominantly in the Middle East. I just listened to a radio program this morning while driving to work, where a correspondent from Middle East explained how Arabs are feeling humiliated by American and British governments for decades, because of their military and political presence, previously direct and now hidden imperialism.

Although most Arabs condemned the terrorist act, the reporter said, few wanted the West “to taste the same food Arabs are eating for decades” (probably poorly quoted, but you get the idea). We can be disgusted by this way of thinking, but I believe we need to think harder and deeper to understand how they feel. That is something we need to ask ourselves and question the reasons and intentions of our governments. If somebody begins to give me an argument that the West is trying to bring democracy to Middle East I will start shouting so that you will be able to here me from Denmark to Australia. If that’s true, why the hell is USA supporting Saudi Arabia, one of biggest dictatorships in the world??!! I am pretty sure, it is not because of the sand. What about Egypt, Algeria…? Several months ago, USA and rest of the world accused Sudan for massive genocide in Darfur region, but all of the sudden, Sudan is on USA’s side fighting against terrorism!? Why? Maybe because Sudan has a lot of sand.

People, this has very little to do with the religion, at least in politics. Yes, it has been (ab)used, but it was always the cover for something else – and I will tell you little secret – MONEY and POWER!! Problem is that common people connect these happenings with religion and begin to stick with their own hating the opposing side/religion and THAT is real problem that is not serving a human tolerance and prosperity. Of course, religion is used by fanatic fundamentalists (and not only Islamic) for promoting their own agenda, and, of course, they need to be stopped.

Once again, I CONDEMN this terrible terrorist act which cannot be justified by any way, but we must stop act like sheep, and begin to understand what role the Western governments are playing in the world and have been doing it for centuries.

There are many books on this subject, but I can really recommend F. William Engdahl’s “A Century Of War”, which is filled with actual facts and proof that will stun you.

If you want to get some kind of the background for the current international situation in the world, please do yourself a favor and buy/loan this book.

Once again, my sympathy and condolences to all victims and their families in London.

P.S. I hope you will understand why I am writing this. You don’t have to agree with me, but I just felt expressing my feelings on this terrible matter that is costing innocent people lives.

Taken from Ripperhunting Forum