King Kong/Bænken

I watched King Kong recently at my parents’ and I must say that I was really astonished by fantastic fighting scene between Kong and dinosaurs. Cinematography is beautiful, and there are some very interesting actors in the film, but I felt the manuscript lacked smoothness and acting spontaneity. The battles scenes are great and they are responsible for 3 out of 5 stars.

Danish film Bænken is the first one in Per Fly’s trilogy, which also includes Arven and Drabet. While Arven elaborates the problems of the high-class society, and Drabet takes a look at the middle class, it is not very difficult to find out what is Bænken all about. Of course, the low class of Danish society.

It is a very nice film about a drunkard, who abandoned himself, his family and friends, but one day he faces his daughter and her son. Per Fly has an ability to dig into different layers of society and expose its secret details on film. I really enjoyed this movie, just like other two.

4 out 5.