Today my girls, my father and I drove to Copenhagen to visit my brother, his partner Sara and their - newborn son Isak - my nephew! His only about one-week-old, and he's really nice and sweet. It's been great to welcome a new member of the Avdibegović family. Everyone held him in the arms, especially Amra. :)

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Amra and Isak

Amra told us it was a great feeling to hold a baby again, and I must agree. It was a wonderful sight to see everyone, especially our daughters, enjoying and having fun with little Isak. Although, it must be added that Dina also enjoyed playing with Elvis and Sara's cat, Sapho. We also met Sara's mother and younger brother from Portugal, who were a short but a very pleasant acquaintance.

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Girls and Isak

It was great to gather family again, to see my brother's proud face. However, I really fought a battle not to show to the others, how much I missed our sainted mother today. She had all plans for Isak ready.

Welcome to this world, my sweet little Isak. You will be loved.

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Sleeping Isak

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