In memoriam: Hiba Avdibegović

Yesterday was so good day: Amra, Hana and I went to the open ‘Midsummer party’ for children, organized by local community, and it was quite amusing event, especially for Hana; she played and walked around among all the strangers. When we came home, she fell asleep due to all the impressions she’s got. Around 10 a.m. my mom called. Grandmother died.

I felt pain in my chest and after the call – I cried. I cried because of all the memories I had experienced with my granny; the times spent in her apartment, visits to parks of Bosanski Samac, our travels around ex-Yugoslavia, to cities of Novi Sad, Doboj… I can thank her for my interest in traveling and exploring places and countries.

It was good having Amra nearby. Ten minutes later, I was in the car driving off to my parents (some 100 kilometers). I had to be there, since I knew how much my parents would appreciate it. On the way, I drove through the town of Jelling, and saw a lot of people standing around a small lake and holding candles in their hands. They were celebrating Skt. Hans (Midsummer), but I’d like to think those candles were lit for my nana, who was a great person with a fantastic and unique sense of humor. When she was around, there was always light, laughing and joy.

I will miss her self-invented words, her irony-fueled humor, her special Avdibeg spirit… I will miss the special woman, my nana.

Neka ti je laka zemlja, nana.