In Hamburg, again

After two and a half months since our last trip to Hamburg, my wife and I visited the city again. This time with Amra’s brother and his wife, who are having their summer vacation in the quiet Denmark from their home in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

It is World Cup time in Germany, and on June 30, there was a match between Italy and Ukraine in Hamburg, so we had another reason to visit Hamburg. Our goal was to participate in a great Football Party at Heiligengeistfeld place in the city with the big screen and thousands of people. We parked there around 12.30 and walked to the center of the city. In Mönckebergstraße Amra’s brother saw Bosnian international football player Zlatan Bajramović, so we ran after him asking him if we could take some pictures together. He was really cool and down-to-earth (‘raja’ in Bosnian) and agreed. We even had a little chat before he had to go again. Great day untill now. We all agreed that Amra’s nephews will be very happy to see pictures of Bajramović.

Image without description

Around 15.00 we came back and saw more than 70,000 people trying to enter the FIFA WM2006 Fan Fest. Somehow (with a little bit of cheating and jumping over the lines) we managed to get in. It was so hot that the sun was ‘kicking’ directly into our heads and necks. Being Bosnians, we, of course, did not bring any caps and sunglasses (forgotten in the car).

We watched first 45 minutes of the Germany vs. Argentina and than we decided to drive back to Denmark and watch second game that night between Italy and Ukraine. At the German-Danish border we drove to the shopping center in Flensburg intending to buy some soda, chocolade etc. Amra’s brother Hamo and I found first TV and watched Germans beat Argentinians after penalties. We came back to Vejle a little bit after 21.00. What a great day, but we are so tired… and tomorrow is my birthday!