I can't play my CD

Today I was in the library and I loaned a couple of CD’s and a book. Now, I am a person who listens to the music on his computer, so when I got home I just took the CD and put it in my DVD drive.

My headphones were on my ears, my hiney on my leather-chair, so I just relaxed when I heard – NOTHING! “Nothing!?” – I said and tried like a fool to press on the drive’s button. I got the CD out and tried again. Still “nada”. I took the cover and in the left corner I could see a tiny text “CD Copy Protection - why?” I didn’t care why, I just wanted to listen to this crappy CD, so I browsed and googled the internet hoping to find some wisdom. And I found, several places… I didn’t followed nor I read this site’s instructions, but I think it does cover this issue. Man, this CD protection is really stupid! They got it because they are afraid of mis-use of copied CD’s. They are concerned that the piracy is threatening the livelihood of many artists. Well, I do understand them, but what about the millions of honest people who just want to listen to their legal CD’s? In many countries it is legal to make (backup) copies of the CD’s as long it is for the personal use. And all of a sudden – you can’t do this!

Ok, one might get over this fact, but I think it is just TOO much when you cannot listen to your CD just because you happen to use portal CD players, personal computers, laptops and such. It’s not right, it’s some kind of tyranny and con trick, when you can’t listen to your legally obtained music.

P.S. The book I loaned worked just fine, there was no protection. Lucky me.