Hooligan, I want to be

Last night Bosnia played an important football match against Serbia and Montenegro, which we unfortunately lost 1-0. But I will not focus on the match itself, but events between spectators. There was 55,000 Serbian spectators and 1,000 Bosnian visitors on the stadium Marakana in Belgrade. Serbian fans were throwing stones, seats, petards and bottles at Bosnian visitors. At least 40 Bosnian fans ended at the hospital, several heavily injured.

Serbian fans had fascist and nationalistic transparents like “Nož, žica, Srebrenica”, which means something like “Knife, wire, Srebrenica”, referring to the Serbian massacre of 8,000 Bosnian men in 1995, the largest massacre since World War II.

I was shocked how much hatred so many people had… I am almost speechless…

I know that every kind of nationalism sucks, but let me tell you one thing – Serbian nationalism is the worst, because of the unsurpassed primitiveness, aggressiveness, hatred and inhuman nature.