Hana's graduation

And the day has finally arrived. My dear Hana has successfully completed her final high school exam and proudly adorned her blue graduation cap.

I've always believed that this moment holds a special significance, marking the beginning of a new chapter in life. It opens doors to new expectations, responsibilities, plans, and aspirations.

It was truly heartwarming to witness her family – her sister Dina, mother Amra, father, grandfather Mehmed, and many, many friends eagerly waiting this milestone to congratulate her, ready to offer their warm and heartfelt congratulations. If only her beloved grandmother Almasa could be here today, her heart would be overflowing with pride. When I look at Hana, her posture, and her looks, I see so much of my own mother in her. Yet, I could see how proud Amra was today, and it was beautiful.

What a fantastic moment when Dina put the cap on Hana's head. Congratulations, my sweet Hana!

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