Get Bruce Willis off my screen!

Yesterday evening, I was sitting in front of my TV. Didn’t know what to do, so I decided to watch Shyamalan’s (not-that-bad) Unbreakable once again on a Danish commercial television station, TV3+.

When the film started, I could see a little picture with Willis’ head and a text below (“Bruce Willis Kavalkade”) at the top of the screen. It was nothing unusual, I just thought they were promoting Willis film series for the next couple of weeks or so. I was surprised when I discovered that the little illustration stayed on screen for five minutes, 10, 30… hell, the whole bloody film! Actually, I couldn’t totally forget the stupid image on my screen and fully concentrate on the film, because Unbreakable is full of dark scenes in which the illustration really gets visible.


I really don’t get it. Why is it necessary to show a picture of anyone during the whole film? I wonder what was the television producer (or whoever was responsible for the stunt) thinking when he should make a decision: – “Uhm, I think we should have a picture of Bruce and some text under him during the entire movie. Hey, how about ‘Bruce Willis Kavalkade’?“. Whoever made that decision should go to prison for lack of judgement and for insulting of viewers and their intelligence. Not to mention lack of time judgement. I believe most of the people would get the message in 2–3 minutes. This evening I had to get the message for two hours.

I could even live with sporadic appearances of the illustration, but no!, that video effect, apparently, is not known to a moron who put the fu__ing image of Willis on my screen in the first place. Not that the illustration ruined the enjoyment of the movie, but I really do not see the reason why should I or anybody else watch any message on screen for more than a couple of minutes. And if it’s going to be on-screen that long, then it’s got to be a damn important one.

After half an hour I was so out of focus that I have actually begun doing other things and eventually quit the film. Thanks to Willis’ head.