Geschmack of the 1980s

Being a kid in the 1980s it seems I have developed a certain affinity towards the music of the decade, which is somewhat strange, since I listen mostly to progressive metal. Anyway, for the past several weeks I have stumbled across some great music either made in or inspired by the 1980s pop.

Blood Dragon Theme
First in line: the complete soundtrack of unusual, psychedelic retro-game Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. The game and its music will catapult you directly back to the 1980s, no questions asked. Pure retro electronica!

The Running Man Soundtrack Score Suite
The soundtrack of sci-fi film Running Man (1987) is in very similar style with a lot of synthesizers. The whole soundtrack was composed by the German composer Harold Faltermeyer who also wrote soundtracks for Beverly Hills Cops, Top Gun, Tango & Cash etc. The real action in this score starts from 10:57. Very powerful, yet reflective and emotional.

Only God Forgives (OST) – Megadrive – Dataline
A few days ago I watched a very powerful (and disturbing) film by Nicolas Winding Refn called Only Good Forgives. Not only the visual part of the film is memorable, its score plays a very large and important part throughout the whole film. A must-see and hear!

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