First albums

I remember, I bought the first album in 1990. It was Skid Row’s debut album with the same name. I was very much into heavy metal at the time, so my first musical experience was with bands such as Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses, LA Guns, Scorpions, Poison, Bon Jovi. I was a kid and I was rebellious, so it was not a surprise I found “answers” in powerful riffs of heavy metal at the time. 🙂

It was the music of heavy metal I found greatest pleasure in, but I cannot deny that I thought how Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Axel Rose and Bruce Dickinson were some of the coolest guys in the world. They had attitude, leather clothes and some of them just had that cool look. But I never liked hair metal music style and members’ looks.

It struck me a few days ago that my oldest daughter (age 8) has began to listen to bands. Yes, she was listening to different Bosnian and Danish children music for several years, but a few months ago she told me her favorite band, and that she is their fan. The band was One Direction.

I just hope, as a father and music aficionado, that my daughter will change here musical taste in time.

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