Films in March

In March, I saw nine films and must admit it wasn’t a bad experience, although I didn’t give a single top mark to any of the movies. The best films were Oscar-winning No Country For Old Men and Fanny & Alexander, and two Bosnian films Sve džaba (All For Free) and Teško je biti fin (It’s Hard To Be Nice).

The Coen brothers have once again made a very good movie, though not in the same league as Fargo and The Big Lebowski. But No Country For Old Men is a very enjoyable (yet disturbing) film with its clever interpretation of new times replacing old ways and manners. I really liked the absence of music sounds in this movie, which only intensified the coldness of “today” and madness of a serial killer.

Fanny & Alexander is Ingmar Bergman’s film from 1982. I especially enjoyed the great contrast of the two houses and families portrayed in the film.

Sve dzaba and Teško je biti fin are the two fine films with common theme: post-war Bosnia, human struggling and survival of sanity and integrity. I really like this slow-paced, thoughtful and atmospheric image that is becoming the brand of modern Bosnian film.

The worst film was the French Le Cri Du Hibou (The Cry of the Owl). All I can say, this is a strange film. I don’t even know how to describe it. An inconsistent story and scenes, and not very impressing acting.

Finding the winner of this month's was quite hard, I must admit. The candidates are the multi-layered and intelligent story in Teško je biti fin and the atmospheric, clever story of No Country For Old Men. Thus, the prize goes to: both films.

  • Sve džaba ****
  • Heat ***
  • Hostage **
  • No Country For Old Men ****
  • Le Cri Du Hibou **
  • Shine ***
  • Fanny & Alexander ****
  • Deja Vu **
  • Teško je biti fin ****

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