Films in July

July was a very rich month in terms of watched movies. Since I was a very ill during June and July, I had a lot of free time which I, you guested it, used it on watching films. But even though I watched no less than 19 films, there wasn’t a single great movie among them. The best films of the bunch were Everything Is Illuminated and About Schmidt. The first one because of the story and fantastic humor, the second one for good manuscript and interesting subject. So the winner of the month is Everything Is Illuminated.

I just loved the story (although I haven’t read the book), the acting, especially of Eugene Hutz and his character Alex (Ukrainian wannabe hip-hop dancer and much more). There were so many great scenes, just to mention the wonderful scene with a field full of sunflowers. Very good films.

Here’s the list for July:

  • Romeo Must Die *-
  • Kill Bill, Vol. 1 ***
  • From Dusk til Dawn 2 *
  • Modesty Blaise **
  • Derailed ***
  • From Dusk til Dawn 3 *
  • Suddenly ***
  • Jumper **
  • The Mist **
  • Inside Man ***
  • Rambo IV *
  • The Squid And The Whale ***
  • Birth ***
  • Backwoods *
  • Everything Is Illuminated ****
  • Adams Æbler ***
  • About Schmidt ****
  • Der Mitfahrer ***
  • The Dark Knight ***

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