Films and books in 2023

I have watched 84 films in 2023 which is a fairly large number, considering that I don’t always have a lot of leisure time to spend. I read 21 books.

The best movies I watched in 2023 are:

  • Into The Wild. This one is truly a great film. I use it in my teaching at the school, so I watch it at least once a year.
  • Husbands and Wives. Woody Allen’s take on marriage, and how it is hard to maintain a successful marriage, whatever that means.
  • Another Woman. Another Allen movie, that belongs to his serious works, dealing with psychology of human mind.
  • The Banshees of Inisherin. What an unusual film, that contains many unseen and hidden elements. I will have to watch it again.
  • The Father. I like how viewers can experience the father’s health deterioration and understanding of “reality”.

Abandoned bus in Alaska's wilderness
Into the Wild

I read only 21 books in 2023, but it is okay. Anyway, I hope I can read more next year. You can see my reading list here.

Here's my 2023 book list:

  • The Awesome Department - Adam Montandon (work)* - Jan
  • Historien om alting - Ken Wilber (phil.) - Jan
  • Me'med, crvena bandana i pahuljica - Semezdin Mehmedinović (novel)* - Feb
  • Educated: A Memoir - Tara Westover (memoir)* - Mar
  • Second-hand time - Svetlana Alexievich (reportage)* - Jul
  • Lov na divlju ovcu - Haruki Murakami (novel)* - Jul
  • Četrdeset pravila ljubavi - Elif Šafak (novel) - Jul
  • Dagpengeland - Lau Aaen (satire)k - Aug
  • Det kreative samfund - Lars Tvede (society)* - Aug
  • Dubravske priče - Almir Kaplan (sh. stories) - Aug
  • The Lessons of History - Will & Ariel Durant (history)* - Sep
  • Nordbanen - Amra Avdibegović (poetry)* - Sep
  • Genocide - A World History- Norman M. Naimark (history)* - Sep
  • Dani zaborava - Elena Ferrante (novel)k - Sep
  • The Loser - Thomas Bernhard (novel)* - Oct
  • The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham (finance) - Nov
  • Think Before You Speak - Bent Hougaard (psychology)* - Nov
  • Breve fra en au-pair - Kathrine Møgelbjerg Jørgensen
  • Psykologi og eksistens - Viktor E. Frankl (psychology)* - Nov
  • Putovanje po Hercegovini, Bosni i staroj Srbiji - Aleksandar Giljferding (travelogue) - Dec.
  • The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry - Wendell Berry (environment)k - Dec.

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