Dolia - The Gift

Isn't it amazing how small the world can feel sometimes? During my daughter's visit to Bosnia this summer, she met a lady whose son happens to play guitar in a metal band. Upon learning this, she eagerly exclaimed, 'My dad listens to metal!'.

Today, this lady shared a link to her son's band, and wow, what an incredible song it is! Their track 'The Gift' impressed me thoroughly. The musicianship and vocals are impressive, and the lyrics are equally noteworthy. As someone with high music standards, I'm usually very critical, but Dolia's music pleasantly surprised me. It's delightful that they're fellow Bosnians, offering a taste of our beautiful landscapes and rich mythology. Yet, it's the music that truly stands out. The song is quite catchy with interesting irregular time signatures. Dolia being a progressive metal band is an extra bonus.

I highly recommend giving them a listen! I'll definitely keep an eye on them.

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