Covers for Mixtape 004

For almost a year, I've been crafting Avdibeg mixtapes, largely fueled by a wave of nostalgia. We live in times when everything's digital and “in the clouds”. It's my little resistance and attempt to emulate the making of real, physical mixtapes that used to thrive in the vibrant 1980s.

It's time to compile a new mixtape, the fourth in the series, and I needed a proper cover for it. So, I created these four samples with a little help from my invisible AI friend, and here are the four suggestions.

mixtape04-sug1.png mixtape04-sug2.png mixtape04-sug3.png mixtape04-sug4.png

I like all of them, although some were a bit too spacey for this volume. In the end, I have chosen the one with four windows, representing four different styles, seasons, and, of course, the fourth mixtape in the line.

I would say that this one is definitely the one with most details so far.

Avdibeg Mixtape 004

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