Christmas surprises

I was really surprised yesterday when my wife gave me a present. At first, I thought it was from her (of course), but it was not!

“From my boss”, she said.

I was surprised. Than I could read a little note attached to the gift, where she wrote something like:

“Dear Dino,
Thank you for letting me use your extensive DVD collection!
I hope you will find your favorite directors or even some you never heard of.”

I was pleasantly surprised and it made me smile. I like my wife’s boss, although I met her only a couple of times. I believe she’s really a kind of woman who’s good a sense of humor and kind of a human being you can actually have intelligent conversation with.

Oh and the present I got? It was a book written by Geoff Andrew: Film Directors A-Z: The Art of the World’s Greatest Film-Makers, which I am really happy for, since I have passion for great movies and unique directors. I am sure I’ll find some new and interesting faces in there.