Dino F. Avdibegović

Chervona Kalyna

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, I have been interested in the current situation, politics and history of that country. I remember how the world couldn't understand who fought in the wars during the downfall of Yugoslavia (1991-1995), and I felt somewhat frustrated that many fellow Europeans didn't know about not could see the difference between countries as Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. I don't know, but I am pretty sure that Ukrainians are frustrated when people can't see the difference between Ukraine and Russia, their languages, cultures, etc. Of course, part of the explanation is that Ukraine and Russia were not that long time ago parts of the Soviet Union (USSR). The other explanation is that Russian language and its people were a dominant part in that federation, so usually people from outside would call most of other peoples from the former power Russians.

Anyway, right after the invasion of Ukraine, I stumbled upon a video by a Ukrainian pop star called Andriy Khlyvnyuk. Apparently, he left his band's tour of the US and decided to join the Ukrainian Army and defend his country. I saw him in a video singing a catchy Ukrainian folk song. A few weeks later, I saw a video by a Youtuber called The Kiffness, who made a remix with Andriy's singing. I think I listened to the song many, many times, not only because I can relate to a fellow Slav, but also because the song has this Slavic, Balkan vibe. Great job!