Caveman's gotta new toy

All my friends know that I keep up pretty much with the most new technological and scientific wonders and discovers, but there is one part of the technology tree I am not much interested in – and that's mobile phones.

For the past 4 years I was faithful to my little black Siemens C45, and I used it only for communication with my family, friends and colleagues. I also used the SMS function pretty frequently, but that’s about it. Well, my little black German beauty begun having some problems (freezing and boycoting) for quite some time, so I decided to get me a new beauty, and so I did – K300i from Sony Ericsson.

Now I have a color screen, I am able to send MMS and even check my e-mail account! That’s nice! I can also take pictures with the built-in camera and I think it has very nice quality for a mobile phone (see picture above)… All in all, I am very pleased.