West Coast

This song West Coast by Lana Del Rey is just wonderful. Usually I am listening to progressive metal, and sometimes some of the classical music, but I really like this song. I have listened to other Lana’s songs, but they did not affect me in any way, but West Coast is so atmospheric and filled with melancholy.
I wrote it many times before, but I like melancholic stuff, and this song has it along with the rhythm change and steady pace. This is probably one of the best songs I have heard this year.

On music

I am a guy who enjoys a wide range of music. Although I have always listened mostly to heavy and progressive metal, I have for some reason a sweet spot for disco, jazz and classical music too. Except for disco, I guess you could probably conclude I prefer bleak and melancholic sounds.

Who would have guessed that I like all the following songs?

Opeth – Burden

I rarely seek poetry in songs, but I do find it often in Opeth. Their “Burden” is one of my all time favorite songs. I guess, I was never able to separate emotions from poetry, and I’ve always had a weak spot for melancholy…

“If death should take me now
Count my mistakes and let me through
Whisper in my ear
You’ve taken more than we’ve received
And the ocean of sorrow is you”


When I was in high school (we are talking about the mid 1990s here) I had a heavy metal band with my brother and our two friends Dušan and Mirza. The name was Villain, but when we found out there already was a band with the same name, we changed it to Hollow. We would meet regularly at some places, mostly in Skive, a town in the central Jutland.

I was a vocalist, my brother and Dušan guitarists, while the fourth member, Mirza, was a drummer. We were actually quite good, and we even managed to plain a few gigs (if not just one – I remember our first gig at some cool rock cafe in the town of Struer). We did not manage to stay together for a long time, but we did achieve something together, and I remember our session with a great joy.

Our repertoire consisted of cover songs, such as Pantera’s This Love and Alice in Chains’ Love, Hate, Love. I simply loved singing those two songs, especially the latter one, because of the coolness and power it projected.

But we also had our own songs, whose lyrics were mostly made by me, while my brother wrote the music. I am sad that I don’t have the lyrics anymore, although I know that I have somewhere a cassette tape with some of our sessions and possibly a VHS cassette with  recordings of our sessions at a cellar of the refuge asylum in Hagebro where we resided in 1993-1995. One of my next tasks should be saving, recovering and digitizing the audio and video recordings of our sessions.

It’s sad that my brother and I don’t have any contact with the other two members of the band, although I would like to hear how they are and what are they doing today. We were not always the best friends, but, man, did we kick some heavy ass with the powerful sounds of Hollow.