“Hot stuff” under chilly circumstances

Have you ever wondered why are those reality shows like Temptation Island, Survival, Love Hotel (?) etc. always recorded on some exotic islands with the hot climate, under the palm trees and turquoise color of the sea?
I mean, why do we, as human beings, connect love and passion with sunny beaches, palm trees and hot bikinis?
Why not shooting this kind of programmes in Siberia, Greenland or Northern Sweden? I am sure some sweet lovin’ could be brought to life also there… That could be so “hot”…

Catastrophy in the South-East Asia!

When I heard about the undersea earthquake that unleashed tidal waves killing thousands of people in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Malaysia I shivered.
Yesterday they were talking about 7,000 victims, this morning 12,000, but now (22h CET) it’s more like 23,700 people were killed!!! I am afraid this is not the final number.

I would hope that something like this will never happen again, but unfortunatelly we are witnessing increasing destabilization of climate and nature in general, so I am afraid that this is only the beginning.

My thoughts go to South-Eastern Asia…

Read more about this news at the Moscow Times or Melbourne Herald Sun.

UPDATE: The number of deaths is now around the unbelievable 126,000 but I am afraid they are still counting!

The usual and unusual

Well, today I almost freezed to the flu (I can’t write ‘death’, it would be a lie) while I was walking with my daughter. It was quite cold, which suprised me since it was very nice outside, sunshine and stuff. But despite the cool wind, we managed being almost an hour outside.
Later today I visited the Ripperhunting forums which I am a member of, and to my suprise I could see that some great muddarfahker hacked the forum and deleted all the posts. Wow, he pissed a lot of people off! I hope someone will hack his head in two…

Some cool links I discovered (I am Magellan)

A few days ago I was reading at the Vejle County’s Library and found some cool links in an IT magazine.
Sometimes I get sudden urge to screw up my Windows, so I start hunting for some applications that can help me with the “windows screwing”, somebody calls it “windows customizing” (how pervert is that!). I found this little programme called AquaDock that allows you to have an “OS X? style, nice animated launchbar/taskbar on your screen that reacts to your mouse when you mouse over it.
Also, if you want to turn your Windows into OS X, there’s this guy who did an acurate replicate
of the Mac OS X 10.4. Check it out at this address.
Now there is a blog tool available for all Bosnians (and others, too) at blogger.ba. There are some very interesting blogs there. Some of them are melted, queen, travnik, filozof & Janjetina dejly. These blogs are quite amusing and/or funny, but, of course, you need to understand Bosnian in order to understand it.
And speaking of Bosnian, here’s another Bosnian website “Idi jebi mater” (Go fuck your mother!). This website is created by the group of Bosnian activists who are fighting for better Bosnia-Herzegovina. They criticize politicians, politics, people, organizations etc.
The therm “idi jebi mater!” is used when you want to tell someone all about your problems, troubles…