Film Magistery #11: Holy Motors/Fluidity of Identities

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Holy Motors is not a work that was made to be liked, but rather to be experienced, and as such it doesn’t belong to the kind of films that are a part of the entertainment film industry for the broad masses. Holy Motors doesn’t rely on symbolism but on associations.

In this episode I discuss does our existence have a meaning, and if it does, does it benefit us? We do not have our own identity, since we are all the time forced to be someone else. We wear someone else’s mask almost in every situation, and we rarely have an opportunity to see our own face in the mirror.

Najbolji filmovi u 2019

Kadgod dođe kraj godine, pravim best-of liste, pa tako i listu najboljih filmova koje sam pogledao. Za ovu, 2019, evo lista filmova koji su po meni bili najbolji.

Make it so

I was always a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation series, but I was feeling that I missed many episodes during all these years, so a couple of months ago I decided to watch all of the seven seasons, from the beginning to the end. I am getting closer to the last episode, and since it is the month of Christmas, I think it is in its place to play this little delightful homage to Star Trek in a Christmas-y spirit.