The Google Earth coordinates of the Bosnia trip

As I wrote earlier, I was in Bosnia with my brother and friend Bjarke this summer.
Since I downloaded an excellent tool Google Earth, which enables you to see every corner of our planet, maybe even your home.
Anyway, here are the coordinates of our Bosnia trip:

45°03’36.01″N, 18°28’10.96″E – Bosanski Samac (my hometown)

44°52’46.57″N, 18°25’43.07″E – Gradacac (neighbouring town)

43°51’00.45″N, 18°22’47.65″E – Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia)

43°20’28.75″N, 17°48’38.59″E – Mostar (a picturesque city with the famous Old Bridge)

43°13’14.48″N, 17°53’38.96″E – Buna (a Muslim pilgrim destination)

43°49’02.02″N, 18°16’20.02″E – Bosna River’s spring (funny enough, it ends in my hometown)

45°06’19.54″N, 18°23’26.93″E – A place at Sava River where we BBQ-ed.

An Old Gmail demand

I was doing some hard disk cleaning when I found my text document from December 31. 2004. At the time, Google’s Gmail account was very popular/wanted and had quite a few invitations. But I wanted to make it interesting, so I wrote few demands or requirements that should be fulfilled before getting an account.
I have never published these demands, so here they come:

I have quite many Gmail invitations and would like to give them away to some nice people :).
It is free, but you need to agree with these statements in order to get the invitation:


1. You are against a jingoistic way of thinking, and you are against chauvinism, exaggerated patriotism and nationalism.

2. You respect people with different ethnicity, religious and cultural background.

3.You think the debate on foreigners in Denmark is going too far and in fact is disgusting and perverted.

4. You will try to get out of state of ignorance (if you’re in such).

5. You wish US, British, Danish and other troops stop occupying Iraq and withdraw as soon as possible.

6. If you don’t know anything about people of different culture and religion, you are not automatically afraid of them, and you don’t think they are all criminals who want to hurt you. You will,a t least, try to get to know them first before making any conclusions.

7. You believe that a war that is NOT authorized by United Nations is a filthy and illegal war. Persons and countries that stand behind these illegal actions should be prosecuted by the International War Tribune.

8. You are against any form of terrorism, but you are trying to find out and understand its cause.

9. You do not reject Michael Moore’s facts published in Fahrenheit 9/11 just because you don’t like him or because you sympathize with those he criticizes. You care about truth and facts.

10. You want a fair solution of the Middle East conflict, which contains discontinuance of Israel’s occupation of Palestine, stoppage of terrorist attacks from both Israeli and Palestinian sides, and you want an emergence of sovereign Palestine state with the borders defined according to UN resolution 181 from 1947.

Firstly, If you can say YES to all the questions, I can congratulate you for not being a stupid and ignorant pig, but genuine and righteous human being who respect others and seek bilateral and equal communication with other human beings. You embrace knowledge and truth, and despise ignorance, “blindness” and stupidity.
Secondly, Gmail invitations is on the way to you (if there are still some left).

About ćevapi

You know I am a Bosnian, right? And as a real Bosnian, I love ćevapi, grilled Bosnian style ground beef and lamb kebabs, served with a pepper sauce and a butter sauce.

As one can read at this blog, I was this summer in Bosnia with my brother Elvis and friend Bjarke.
We ate tons of ćevapi almost every day, not only at one ćevabdžinica but many places and cities, also in the capital – Sarajevo.

Actually, we ate ćevapi at the legendary place called “Željo”, placed in the old part of Sarajevo called Bašćaršija. And let me tell you one thing: They are good!

Somewhere at some random forum I stumbled across this postulate written in Bosnian:

Ko nije jeo ćevape u Želji taj živi bez cilja zakopan u tami.

In English, it means something like:

Who didn’t eat cevapi at Željo, he lives without any purpose, entombed in darkness.

Pretty sound and clear…

A mechanic in previous life

I just stumbled across Past Life Analysis, a website that can tell you who you were in your last life.
Only thing you should type is your birth day, month and year. So I did it and

Here’s who I was in my past life:

Your past life diagnosis: I don’t know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Southern England around the year 1650.

Your profession was that of a handicraftsman or mechanic.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Seeker of truth and wisdom. You could have seen your future lives. Others perceived you as an idealist illuminating path to future.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation: Your lesson is to develop a kind attitude towards people, and to acquire the gift of understanding and compassion. Do you remember now?

Well, I think I have learnt the lesson pretty well, because if I am anything in this life, I am kind and good to people around me and I am understanding and full of compassion. 🙂

Every 25th dad is not real dad

According to the new study at John Moores University in Liverpool, every 25th father is not real dad.
At least, not to a child he thinks is the father of.
Apparently, when a man has a suspicion not to be a father, he’s actually right in 30%
of cases.

This is quite shocking news, right?
Imagine all those poor “fathers” calling their “children” – “Hey, son, grab me a beer, wont’ ya?”.

Man, I’ve got some research to do. 🙂