Sarajevo Calling

I have now listened to ten episodes of the podcast Sarajevo Calling, and I really recommend it to all of you who are into the Western Balkans politics and are interested to hear about current events in the region: corruption, military buildup, the EU expansion, trials etc. I would say that it helps tremendously if you already have a certain knowledge of the politics and recent history of the region. It is though not completely required, but it helps a lot if you know a thing or two about Milo, Milorad, Bakir and/or Kolinda.

The show is hosted by journalist Aleksandar Brezar and political scientist Jasmin Mujanović. Both very insightful and cheerful guys.

The Day of Spider

This morning my wife and I noticed an unusual amount of spider activity on our wooden terrace. It was all over, from the table and chairs, to the corners of the porch and the fences. The beautiful patterns spiders created were so fascinating, it made us talk about it for a relatively long time. We discussed how did they do it, where did they begin from, and where did they hide? It reminded us of a highly professional craftsmanship.

I proposed that they probably initiated with making a straight line, and then began from the middle and building outwards.

I made a short video showing a spider doing his thing wrapping up the victim into its silk.

I found this video from BBC, which explains and shows exactly how they make the web. Fascinating stuff.

Villain music

I am not a big fan of Star War movies, but I really like their musical themes. One of my favorites is The Imperial March composed by John Williams for The Empire Strikes Back (1980). By the way, why villains always have the best soundtracks?
But what is interesting to me is that the theme reminds me more of a soundtrack for a dramatic sequence of a WWII movie than a space fantasy movie.


My wife and I on a great hike yesterday. Total 24 kilometers on foot. Beautiful nature and scenery on a very hot day.

Northern outskirts of our city at 8 am.
Can we get through?
A bridge over Grejs Creek.
Looking at Grejs Valley.
Another crossing over the creek.
Golden fields.
Our ending goal, Jelling and its mound from the Viking period.