Came back from Bosnia

I returned back from Bosnia-Hercegovina.
The trip was great, I had a privilege to travel together with my brother Elvis and a good friend Bjarke.
We visited my birthplace Bosanski Šamac, a neighboring city Gradačac, a huge and international marketplace “Arizona” in Posavina province, the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, the beautiful and old city of Mostar, Buna etc.
Also, we were sailing on the river of Sava and made few stops in order to bath in the river and barbecue in jungle-like shores of Sava river.
A little curiosity: while on trip through Bosnia, we visited both start and the end of Bosna river. It begins in Sarajevo at Bosna Spring and ends in my hometown of Bosanski Šamac.

What to bring to Bosnia

My brother, my friend and I will travel to Bosnia this summer. I have not been in my homeland in two years, my brother since 1999 and my friend Bjarke has never been there. So, I hope it will be an interesting trip to a multifaceted country with many nationalities, cultures, gourman flavors, musical branches etc.

Since my friend asked me what to bring, here’s the list (it will be constantly changed):

  • passport(visa not required for EU citizens)
  • money (I suggest taking Danish kroners)
  • sygesikringsbevis(health insurance)
  • T-shirts, short pants and sandals (it is hot like hell in Bosnia during summer)
  • sun glasses
  • sun protection (factor…)
  • bathing suit
  • sweater (during night in the car or eventual rain)
  • backpack
  • cellular phone (if you’re afraid of not being connected)
  • photo and video camera
  • reading material (book)
  • notebook and pen?
  • binoculars

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What kind of people are Bosnians?

There was done quite extensive research by Prism Research in Bosnia this summer. The goal was to find out what Bosnians do, eat, drink, read, listen…. Well, here are some of the results:

  • Almost 80 % of Bosnians are religious.
  • Nobody of asked Bosnian Catholics is a vegetarian.
  • Mc Donalds’ doesn’t have a chance in Bosnia, since most Bosnians, regardless their ethnicity, prefer local specialities ćevapi and pite.
  • More than 50 % of population don’t consume alcohol.
    Those who drink, prefer mostly beer and sljivovica. Bosniacs (Muslims) beer, Serbs sljivovica.
  • 22,5 % of Bosnians have been in the theater last year, and only 4,5 % have been at concert of a classical music.
  • 2/3 of population have not read a book past three months.
  • 2/3 of population mostly listens to folk music. Bosniacs prefer traditional, Serbs turbo folk.
  • 36,9 % don’t want to talk about their sex life.
  • And what’s quite interesting, 60 % of the citizens of Bosnia are pretty happy with their lives.

Pretty strange, but remarkable nation, ha?

A happy time

Today is Ramadan and I drove 100 kilometers in the car together with my wife and daughter in order to visit my parents. Man, it was a good time! We had some great Bosnian food (many different meals) and had a good laughs and talks. I took several photos of my parents and my baby daughter, because I know how much they care.
List of “what I ate”:

  • pita sirnica (cheese pie)
  • pita zeljanica (nettle pie)
  • pea
  • rise in some cool souce
  • chicken with the turkey bacon
  • salmon
  • baklava and apple cookies…
  • and hmmm, coca cola