Pyramid found – in the heart of Bosnia!!

could this be a pyramid in Bosnia?

Near the city of Visoko, 30 km north of Sarajevo, there is a stone pyramid of monumental size, claims the Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagić, who lives and works in the USA.

After several months of geological and archaeological research, Mr. Osmanagić concluded that under the present hill of Visočica hides a stairs-like pyramid, about 12,000 years old.
Osmanagić, who intensively researched on pyramids in Americas, Asia and Africa for the last 15 years and wrote several books on the subject, says he’s quite sure he found the first pyramid in Europe, which is quite similar to ones in the Southern America.

He believes that the project would completely change Bosnia’s significance in the world of archaeology.

On the top of “Bosnian pyramid of Sun” was a temple, built by pre-Illyrians, people who lived, according to Osmanagić, 27,000 years ago.

Mr. Osmanagić thinks he will solve the “Bosnian pyramid of Sun” in the next five years, but also prove the existence of “Bosnian pyramid of Moon”, lying under the neighboring hill of Križž.

According to BBC, the leading Bosnian newspaper “Dnevni Avaz” writes:

“The pyramid is 100 meters high and there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental causeway … The plateau is built of stone blocks, which indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilization,” the daily explains.

“Archaeological excavations near the surface have uncovered a part of a wall and fragments of steps,” it reveals.

“Visocica hill could not have been shaped like this by nature,” geologist Nada Nukic tells the daily. “This is already far too more than we have anticipated, but we expect a lot more from further analysis,” she concludes.

Watch Reuters TV-report at Politiken.


Hooligan, I want to be

Last night Bosnia played an important football match against Serbia and Montenegro, which we unfortunately lost 1-0. But I will not focus on the match itself, but events between spectators.
There was 55,000 Serbian spectators and 1,000 Bosnian visitors on the stadium Marakana in Belgrade.
Serbian fans were throwing stones, seats, petards and bottles at Bosnian visitors.
At least 40 Bosnian fans ended at the hospital, several heavily injured.

Serbian fans had fascist and nationalistic transparents like “Noz zica Srebrenica”, which means something like “Knife, wire, Srebrenica”, referring to the Serbian massacre of 8,000 Bosnian men in 1995, largest massacre since World War II.

I was shocked how much hatred so many people had… I am almost speechless…

I know that every kind of nationalism sucks, but let me tell you one thing – Serbian nationalism is the worst, because of the unsurpassed primitiveness, aggressiveness, hatred and inhuman nature.

UFO in Sarajevo

Take a look at this video footage taken in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.
You can see a reporter doing his job, when all of a sudden, UFO appears.

Unfortunately for all Star Trek and War of The Worlds fans, it is “only” a commercial for The International Theater Festival in Sarajevo.

You can download 2 videos from the website:
Ufo above Sarajevo p. 1
Ufo above Sarajevo p. 2

File format is .wmv, so you will need Windows Media Player.

There’s also an image gallery from the site.

I must say it is really good done!

The Google Earth coordinates of the Bosnia trip

As I wrote earlier, I was in Bosnia with my brother and friend Bjarke this summer.
Since I downloaded an excellent tool Google Earth, which enables you to see every corner of our planet, maybe even your home.
Anyway, here are the coordinates of our Bosnia trip:

45°03’36.01″N, 18°28’10.96″E – Bosanski Samac (my hometown)

44°52’46.57″N, 18°25’43.07″E – Gradacac (neighbouring town)

43°51’00.45″N, 18°22’47.65″E – Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia)

43°20’28.75″N, 17°48’38.59″E – Mostar (a picturesque city with the famous Old Bridge)

43°13’14.48″N, 17°53’38.96″E – Buna (a Muslim pilgrim destination)

43°49’02.02″N, 18°16’20.02″E – Bosna River’s spring (funny enough, it ends in my hometown)

45°06’19.54″N, 18°23’26.93″E – A place at Sava River where we BBQ-ed.

About ćevapi

You know I am a Bosnian, right? And as a real Bosnian, I love ćevapi, grilled Bosnian style ground beef and lamb kebabs, served with a pepper sauce and a butter sauce.

As one can read at this blog, I was this summer in Bosnia with my brother Elvis and friend Bjarke.
We ate tons of ćevapi almost every day, not only at one ćevabdžinica but many places and cities, also in the capital – Sarajevo.

Actually, we ate ćevapi at the legendary place called “Željo”, placed in the old part of Sarajevo called Bašćaršija. And let me tell you one thing: They are good!

Somewhere at some random forum I stumbled across this postulate written in Bosnian:

Ko nije jeo ćevape u Želji taj živi bez cilja zakopan u tami.

In English, it means something like:

Who didn’t eat cevapi at Željo, he lives without any purpose, entombed in darkness.

Pretty sound and clear…