Casino Royale

Last night, I went to the cinema with my colleagues from work to watch the newest adventures of James Bond. I watched double-oh-seven [sic] since I was a kid and I always enjoyed them, especially Sean Connery, who happens to be my most favorite Mr. Bond.

Since it was Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond, I really did not have great expectations for this film, also having in mind that he is not what I would normally characterize as a ‘typical’ James Bond. Fortunately, he plays convincingly his role, although somewhat stiffly and seemingly unpolished. I like his arrogance and coolness, his casual, indirect warmness/sensitivity. He’s good both in action and in romantic scenes.

What I did not like that much is certain car chasing scenes. They were not spectacular nor dramatic enough. It reminded me a little of those (terrible) scenes in The Bourne Identity. As someone already noticed, there is some serious overload of cellphones in the film, they are most likely in every scene! Also, this film was not typical Bond film in sense of the extravagant action scenes nor love scenes and beautiful ladies. It’s all almost completely gone. So, Bond has become a different agent now, he’s more human, more vulnerable, still cocky and arrogant, but also unconventional. He’s not drinking stirred martini anymore, he’s blond, charming but not very handsome. And this cocktail actually pleases me. James Bond is more up-to-date, in the Zeitgeist, if you wish.

I also enjoyed very much the title song “You Know My Name” performed by Chris Cornell. In my opinion, it is one of the best Bond title songs. What I did not like (actually, it annoyed me to hell) was the fact that a colleague who was sitting right beside me was constantly jabbering during the film. I was so close to tell her to shut the f__k up.

3 out of 5 stars.