Carpark North - All Things To People

This is probably the best Danish rock band. The guys are really cool with their special style. Their sound is both 80’s, but also late ’90 with quite melancolic touch.

Their feeling remind me somewhat of the sounds from Balkans. The last album “All things to people” is really melodic and contain both pop, rock and symphonic rock sound. I like all songs except the last one (Heart Of Me), the best are “Best Day” – very 80’s yet quite original; “Song About Us” – very powerful song with typical synths; “The Beast” – great symphonic song, almost progressive. This is my favorite song on the album. Their first single from this album “Human” is also really impressive song, with synths and ‘non human’ sounds.

This is fantastic album, and if you like (not too heavy, but strong) rock and with some 80’s touch, Carpark North is for you!

92/100 from me.