Call of Juarez

I’ve been playing a PC game called “Call of Juarez“. It is an action/western first person shooter game with incredibly detailed graphics. I got really interested once I started playing, that I used around 10-12 hours over six-seven days to complete it (and only so little time because of cheating!). Although the game was quite linear, ie. you have to complete given goals, it was all fun playing it. The graphics are great, I really like the effects when you look closer at some point it blurs everything around.

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The music is also quite atmospheric, even when there’s modern-style music it still fits the game. The story is also quite good, although somewhat predictable. Voices and actors in the game are eminent. There is a great variation in the game. You fight against bandits in a train, in a mine, you fight the Indians, swimming in a river.

What I don’t like about the game is lack of freedom, like you know it from Mafia and Oblivion. You can’t just move around, although the maps in the game are quite huge. You have to reach your goals, often in a limited period of time. After you are finished with the game, you can’t really play ‘random’ battles or anything, but there’s a multiplayer option for all of them who want to shoot some bad guys on the internet.

All in all, I really enjoyed playing this Polish-developed game about cowboys and Indians. If it only had a freedom and possibilities of Mafia, this would be a great, long-playing game.

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