I was dreaming a couple weeks ago about this person, but I just forgot to write about it, which is quite strange, because this person is quite known and doesn’t rank that good on TAPR – “The Avdibeg Popularity Rankings”. If you still didn’t guess who the person is, then I have to write it myself – George W. Bush! Yes, I had that guy in my dreams (no, nothing sexual, you stupid maniac!)!

I dreamt he came into my house (although I don’t have one anymore) and he wanted to talk. It felt almost like he wanted to be a friend or something like that. So we talked about anything and nothing, but we were all the time interrupted by his gorillas and hawks. He appeared to be quite nice ‘fella’… He didn’t mention anything about Iraq, Afghanistan, Texas or oil. Nothing about that. He just wanted to be my friend.

I don’t know how to interpret my dream – maybe I unconsciously want to reconcile with the bastard, maybe I want to understand his way of thinking (but I don’t) or maybe he really want to be my friend, which really creeps me out, not because it wouldn’t be fun, it would (think about all those vacations at his Texas ranch), but because I would most likely have to be a good friend with his hawks and gorillas, and I am not that much “animal person”.