Big Fish

I love Tim Burton’s movies and “Big Fish” is not an exception. This movie is simply great. Fantastic story (I won’t tell you what it is) about a man with a million of (fantasy?) stories.

While watching this movie, I flashed back to my childhood and all those nice fables with the fantastic characters. If you know those fables, than you can imagine what this movie is about (because I won’t tell you :)). Wonderful casting and great acting! Albert Finney is great, as always. Ewan McGregor suprised me with his great interpretation of Bloom’s character. I find his special “smile” in the movie totally crazy! Also noteworthy is Steve Buscemi. The guy is simply one of my favorite actors because of his craziness, naivity, humor…

Photography and setting are equally magnificent! This movie is one to watch if you still have any love for creativity, child-like unspoiled imagination and games. I bought the DVD and I sure did not regret it. This is one of those movies that are not “essential” in terms of life surviving, but they are important for our sense for imagination to survive.

5 out of 5!!