Avdibeg's idea no. 1

I have just come up with this brand new idea/concept – having a restaurant in your home! Imagine that you live in a apartment somewhere at 5th floor. Ok? Now, how about having a restaurant in that apartment, in that very building? Wouldn’t it be totally crazy, you’re guests coming at the door, ringing at the bell, you’re opening the door and saying “Welcome to Dino Boom Dining Room!”*. I like the concept, and I believe that it would have a huge success, at least among all the experimenting people.

I don’t know if this is a completely original concept, but I haven’t seen or heard about it. Now, I am running to the grocieries and buying some supplies for my “Dino Boom Dining Room”.

** name inspired by the name of a fictional restaurant in the movie “Life”.*