Avdibeg.dk - more than two decades ago

I am having this website for about twenty-one years. A few days ago I used Wayback Machine to check out previous versions of avdibeg.dk, and, boy, did it change. The earliest version they keep of my website is the one from November 22, 2002, and it looked something like this.

Image without description
Avdibeg.dk - version 2.0

It shows several articles about some bands, family photos, and film reviews. It was truly a personal website seasoned with stuff I cared much about: music, films, literature, and books.

Around that time I worked as a graphic designer, and I was very much into design, and aesthetics. One of the website versions looked like this:

Image without description
Focus on design

I complete forgot, but back then I actually created two fonts, and thanks to Wayback Machine I managed to recover them, so I will post them here for free download. Use them as you wish. Here's the website how it looked back then when I offered these fonts (also for free).

Image without description
Avdibeg.dk of year 2004.

Avdibeg First - font
Format: TrueType font
An uglified version of handwriting. Made in summer of 2004.
Download the font

Dinobit - font
Format: TrueType font
This font should only be used at size 10!
Download the font

Later, we now jump forward to May 2010, and the website looked like this, much more minimalistic.

Image without description
More minimalistic approach.

In October 2017 the design is still minimalistic, but now much darker.

Image without description
A dark approach.

These were only some of the designs that I had on this website. I can't believe it has been so many years, but time truly flies. It's been a fascinating journey so far, and I am proud the website survived all these years. Let's see how far can we go...

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