Another prejudice just died

I parked my car in downtown, lifted my daughter and was just about to lock the car when a parking officer approached me and politely told me he will give me a penalty ticket if I don’t remove the car. I looked on the sign in front of my car, and it indeed said it was a reserved place (for a doctor). I thanked him and realized that not all parking officers are assholes! Furthermore, I was really lucky that he was around just when I was about to go away from the car. Hell, I am lucky that he approached and warned me at all! I am sure some of those parking officers would just wait until I go away to put the ticket on the car’s window. But this fellow didn’t!?

Five minutes later I met with my wife so all three of us just walked through the pedestrian street. Exactly two hours later, I realized my parking time just expired and if i don’t remove the car, I will get a parking ticket (510 Danish kroner or €68). I was running a kilometer and when I finally reached the car, a parking officer (the same one who warned me) was just about to inspect cars near mine. If I came just one or two minutes later, I will most likely get a ticket. So, I was lucky today, not once, but twice!