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I remember how I was very reluctant to get a cellular phone in the beginning of this millennium. I simply did not like the idea of having one in my pocket. I know, although I was only in my 20’s, I had some anti-modern ideas at the time. The reason I got one was I moved away from my parents in the beginning of 2001, and of course I wanted to be able to talk to them when I or they wanted to. For the last fourteen years I owned ten (10) cellular phones, so let’s register them for posterity.

My first cell phone was a dark grey Siemens C45, which I bought sometime in 2001. I was so glad for that little bugger, it was small, handy and it never bugged me in any way.

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Siemens C45

My second cell phone was a light grey Sony Ericsson phone (either T or K series, I don’t remember), and I got it in 2004.

The third phone was Nokia 3120c, which I acquired on July 22 2008. I was very happy with this one, because it was a very small and handy device, which reminded me a little of my first cell phone. The price was 1399 DKK.

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Nokia 3120c

My fourth phone was Nokia 5800 and it was my first smartphone, which I bought on 23 November 2009. It cost me 1800 DKK. It was chubby, and it had the horrible Symbian 60 OS, but in a strange way I liked it (not too much, though).

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Nokia 5800

My fifth phone was LG Optimus GT540 and it was my first Android phone. I bought it on 4 December 2010 for 1099 DKK. I really loved Android OS and the phones design, but its screen was not great.

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LG Optimus GT540

My sixth mobile device was LG E510 (Hub), which I got on 16 December 2011 for 1502 DKK. It was small (3,5″ screen) and I liked it.

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LG E510

The seventh phone was Huawei Sonic (U8650). I bought it on 10 April 2012, and I only gave 999 DKK for it. It was okay, but it was also quite a slow one with a pretty crappy screen.

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Huawei Sonic

My eight phone was Huawei G300 which I got on 1 March 2013 for 999 DKK. It was the best smartphone I had until. It had a great screen and its processor was fast. The only negative thing was its somewhat erosive cover.

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Huawei G300

The next phone was Motorola Moto G (2013), which I bought in the beginning of 2014 for 1681 DKK. It was simply the best phone I ever had. It had a better screen than iPhone 5, it was fast and did everything I wanted it to do. I miss its great size, screen and the original KitKat OS version. My wife is now a happy Moto G user.

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Moto G

My tenth phone was Samsung SIII (I9305). I bought it on 5th October 2014 for 1499 DKK. It is a very good phone with a great screen, but I just don’t like Samsung’s heavy alteration of the original Android OS. I am content with it, but there is simply no the same “whao” as it was with my beloved Moto G. On the other hand, it does everything I need superbly and that’s what counts in my book. I ran a custom Nameless ROM with Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop).

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Samsung SIII 4G (I9305)

On Sept. 27, 2015 I bought a grey Meizu M2 Note for 159 USD. It was a Chinese phablet, that served me quite well. Surprisingly, it had a great screen, and it never failed me. I like its one button, that had several functions. Its Android software was heavily modified, but it was not bad, at all.

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Meizu M2 Note

On August 28, 2016 I purchased my phone no. 12 – Huawei P9 Lite for 1500 DKK. I must say I does everything I need. A great screen, 3 GB RAM, a great camera, Android 7 etc. I am more than satisfied. One of the best phones I ever had. No problems, whatsoever.

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Huawei P9 Lite

My phone number 13 is here, received on September 6, 2017. It cost me 3000 DKK, which is a precedent regarding the price. I never gave so much before for a phone, so I expect to have this one at least for the next two years. So far, I really love this phone, its premium build, a wonderful double Leica camera, and a gorgeous AMOLED screen. Not to mention 6 GB RAM and 128 GB capacity.

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Mate 9 Pro (Huawei)

It is January 2020, and I got a new phone. This time it is Samsung A70, and it cost me just a bit under 2500 DKK. It sports a Super AMOLED screen, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB capacity, a triple camera, 4500 mAh battery. I am very pleased with most of the functions it provides, but I don’t like its slow fingerprint. It was so much faster and better in Mate 9 Pro. But the camera is really great, and everything else works to my liking. [UPDATE]: The fingerprint has gotten much faster after a firmware update.

Image without description
Samsung A70

It's March 21, 2022, and I guess it's time for a change. After more than two years with the trusty A70, I purchased a Samsung S21FE (4000 DKK/537 EUR). It has 256 GB memory, 8 GB RAM, AMOLED screen. It should be a fine upgrade to my A70. What I like about it is that Samsung promises three Android updates (13, 14 and 15) and four years of security updates.

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Samsung S21FE

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