I watched this movie last friday and had great expectations… which unfortunately were not fullfilled. The movie is epic, yes, because the scenes are great and magnificent, but there wasn’t a magic, a feeling of something great in the movie, not once. In my opinion, the movie lacks more depth; deeper portrait of the Macedonian, better presentation of his battles and conquest. I mean, we only get some information on Persia and India. We hardly hear anything about Egypt, Balkans etc. This could have been done better. When I got out the theater, I was dissappointed because there were only two battles in the movie. Mr. Stone could do better justice to the greatest conqueror of them all by showing us more of his glorious victories. I guess, that’s the price, when the director find investors in Europe. :).

I will give Alexander 3 stars, because of the great theme, grand scenes and surprisingly good acting from especially Angelina Jolie.