About ćevapi

You know I am a Bosnian, right? And as a real Bosnian, I love ćevapi, grilled Bosnian style ground beef and lamb kebabs, served with a pepper sauce and a butter sauce. As one can read at this blog, I was this summer in Bosnia with my brother Elvis and friend Bjarke. We ate tons of ćevapi almost every day, not only at one ćevabdžinica but many places and cities, also in the capital – Sarajevo. Actually, we ate ćevapi at the legendary place called “Željo”, placed in the old part of Sarajevo called Bašćaršija. And let me tell you one thing: They are good!

Somewhere at some random forum I stumbled across this postulate written in Bosnian:

Ko nije jeo ćevape u Želji, taj živi bez cilja, zakopan u tami.

In English, it means something like: Who didn’t eat cevapi at Željo, he lives without any purpose, entombed in darkness.

Pretty sound and clear.