A Trip To The Northern Jutland

With my wife, daughter and friend Bjarke I went on a short holiday to the northern part of Jutland in Denmark. We spent four days (13-16. July) driving through the northern Denmark, i.e. regions of Vendsyssel, Thy, Salling and the West Jutland. Firstly, we made a short stop in the town of Frederikshavn, where we took a walk in the pedestrian street. Since I have not taken any sweater with me, I was forced to buy a fleece in order to resist chilly and rainy weather that day. Fortunately, it got much better in the afternoon.

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We continued further to the north and around noon we reached the north most tip of Denmark, the town of Skagen (Grenen). We stayed here a few hours; we took a tractor ticket to Grenen and actually stood at the very top of Denmark, having our feet both in strait of Skagerrak and strait of Kattegat. The weather here is quite stormy and unpredictable, while waves are large and inhospitable.

We drove southwest, to Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's only “desert”, which is actually a dune. This place is remarkable, not only because of its looks, but also because of the fact that it is moving around 1,500 meters every 100 years.

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At this point my daughter became tired and nervous, so we decided to drive straight to Saltum Strand, a camping place where we booked a cabin. The place was great with many facilities for children, not to forget the nearby sand beach.

Around six o'clock in the afternoon we all went to a local restaurant, Faarup Skovhus, and had a nice dinner.

Next morning, we left the camping place and drove to the Saltum beach where we spent a few hours.

My daughter really enjoyed playing and running in the sand, while the constant, stormy wind did annoy me a little. Around noon, we drove more to the south, and in the town of Thisted we made a longer break, enjoying the warm weather (without wind) and eating at the local McDonald's. We continued more to the south and finally entered the region of Salling, Bjarke's home area, where we visited the village of Breum, his hometown and the home of his parents. We had a great dinner in their garden. We spent there some great time, nonetheless our daughter who really liked Bjarke's parents from the first minute she met them, something that she normally never does. Around 8 PM my wife, daughter and I left Breum, leaving Bjarke at his parents' home, and heading towards town of Holstebro, my parents' home. We spent two days in their apartment together with my brother Elvis. My wife did some shopping in the Saturday, and we enjoyed the wonderful park in Holstebro with our daughter (feeding ducks…). On Sunday we all went to the local swimming complex area and had a short but funny time. Afterward we had a nice dinner at The Cook's and a fine dessert and coffee in restaurant Jensen's Bøfhus.

Around 6 PM we were again in our city of Vejle.

Here's the approximate route of our 700+ km trip.

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Oh, and by the way, my photo camera died somewhere between Saltum Strand and Thisted, most likely because of the sand.