A tribute to my wife

Well, our daughter is about to become a four-month old. You know what that means? It means she’s going through yet another turbulent period when her mood is constantly changing. I call it a hurricane period, because at one point she’s laughing and playing, at other – hell goes crazy! At first, as unexperienced parents, my wife and I thought her behavior was a little bit strange, but when we read “Why They Cry” by Hetty Van De Rijt & Frans Plooij we understood our little angel.

According to the authors (and until now, they were right) a child is going through different phases in the first 60 weeks of life and it has 8 major “leaps” or if you prefer my definition – hurricanes, when the child is irritable, frightened and safety-searching. Fortunately, these periods are essential for the baby and they help a child to evolve and digest all the impressions and new experiences. This kind of behavior produces not too many sleeping hours and silent times especially for my wife and I just want to say a big “Thank you” for being so brave and strong. A deep respect and gratitude for all the nights without much sleep.