A second day at work

Today was the second day at the work. I am getting up every morning at 6 p.m., living the apartment at 7. and driving in my “Skodilak” some 60 kilometers to work…and I am not bitching! I am quite happy about the work, I mean, I still don’t know how will my ordinary day at work will look like, but I think it would not be a disaster. I also like my boss, he’s very nice person.

Danish Prime Minister called February elections “to capitalize on favorable polls for his center-right Liberal party nine months ahead of a November deadline” (CNN). Damn, I am afraid that the existing administration will win again the election.

At Politiken I found this little test that can reveal which political party one mostly agrees with. I had 81% similarities with SF (Socialist People’s Party), 80% Center-Democrats, 76% Minority Party, 71% Unity Party…

I must add that I probably will vote for SF or Unity Party.