A Perfect Tomb

I was just doing my job at work, when I got the desire of opening a window, since there was a sunny day. (Trust me, it’s a fourth day of October and I appreciate every sunny day in Denmark). So I opened the window when all of a sudden I began day-dreaming. Not fantasizing or something like that. I just got struck by this feeling of coziness and nostalgia.

I lowered my head on my arms and enjoyed the rays of sun, pleasantly heating my skin. For a moment, I felt like a lazy cat on a window.

I was staring at the grass below the window and thinking of this limited part of garden. I was thinking, what if a person had only small part of land, say, 3 x 20 meters and lived all his/her life in there? (like a chicken?) And what if the whole purpose of one’s life is to prepare a tomb for one’s corpse?

I imagined a man who would go all his life around his “place”, working there and making a perfect tomb. And when his time would come, he would simply lay down into his place and quietly die.

I know, this is pretty strange idea, but I’m sure it came only because of mine desire to open the window and because my skin enjoyed the heat from the sun. Strange how sometimes ideas occur…