A new host and stuff

I have changed my web hosting, from Needhost.dk to Gigahost. My site ran actually pretty well at Needhost, but the reason I moved away is the principle. Needhost chose to focus exclusively on Windows server. Even though my account was on a Linux system, I decided to move because who can guarantee that the company will be able to solve an eventual problem on my site in the future since they decided to abandon focusing on Unix/Linux servers? I couldn’t!

Anyway, after weeks of searching the internet and countless groups, I decided to try Gigahost. They are new on the market, but I could almost only find praising words about them, their service and stability. Their price is reasonable (€2.5/month) and they offer MySQL, domain control and subdomains ad libitum. For now, the site runs perfectly and loads fast. So, wish me luck!

Since it’s kind of a new start, I also changed the looks of the site. Now with even more minimalistic flavor!

Statistics Here’s some statistics for the past 11 months (running on my previous host):

  • There was +35 GB traffic on the site.
  • April 2006 was the busiest month with 12.77 GB of traffic (due to the story about the Bosnian pyramids).
  • As of today, the story has 824 comments!
  • There were 199,837 visits and 1,373,377 hits on the site.
  • My spamfighting system Akismet caught around 15,000 spams for the last 2–3 months.