A la burgoise, just cheeper

I felt a little guilty lately, since my wife and I haven’t been out much for the last couple of months. There were many reasons, but, I guess, being around our daughter was the main one. I wanted to break the restaurant drought, so I invited her to Restaurant Toscana in Vejle.

We visited the restaurant once before, and we knew it had a classy interior and a chef with skills, but we were surprised to see the restaurant was practically filled up to the last seat. I thought they wouldn’t be able to find a table for us. Luckily, I was wrong, we got a table right beside some company of thirty people who probably celebrated someone’s birthday or anniversary.

I ordered a tomato soup Toscana and lasagna (I know, original choice, huh?!), while my better part went for Gambretti Insalsa Aromatica (shrimps and caviar with salad and Ravigot dressing) and Fettuccine el Gorgonzola.

While we waited, we got some bread, pesto with garlic and butter, which did a great job preparing us for the ordered food. The soup was great, with its sour taste, just like the tomato soup is supposed to be. Lasagne was also almost perfect. The fettuccine was absolutely gorgeous with its creamy Gorgonzola sauce. It simply melted in the mouth.

The overall experience in "Toscana" would have been perfect if the noise level from the guests was a little lower. It was so loud that I found myself almost shouting at the times. Regarding their website, I would recommend them a new design, since the current one does not do any justice, so I have learned an import lesson – do not judge the restaurant by its website!

So, all in all – 4 out of 5 stars. Even with the noisy experience (I hope it was a unique Friday), I recommend everyone to pay a visit to Restaurant Toscana because of the great food, fine atmosphere and very (!) acceptable prices. If you’d like to eat nobly, but without having to sell your car, then visit Restaurant Toscana in Vejle, Denmark!