A critic from India

I dislike the vastness of the Internet. There is just too much information. Most of it is junk that is standing in the way to the relevant information and knowledge. Here’s a fresh example.

I just realized that I couldn’t find my browser bookmark to a great website of an Indian film critic. It’s gone, and I just can’t remember his name nor the name of his website. I know that he is quite fond, just as I am, of Terrence Malick, Bergman and Tarkovsky, but for the life of me I cannot recall much of information about him. All I do remember is that his an older gentleman from India. He looks as an Indian, but I think his name or surname sounds Western. I tried to google and duckduckgo him, but I feel “film critic india tarkovsky malick” isn’t going to cut it.

I vaguely remember that he posted some of his reviews on IMDb, so I guess I will have to go through user reviews of films like The New World, The Mirror, The Red Thin Line and such. It would be nice to find his website again, since his reviews were always so eloquent, interesting and precise.

Luckily, I did find him while looking through the Malick’s The Thin Red Line reviews on IMDb. A great film critic Jugu Abraham and his blog Movies that make you think.

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